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IS-5000 Mailing System

Meter your mail at up to 300 pieces per minute

Designed with the operator in mind, all mailing operations are controlled from the same area, creating the ideal ergonomic process and increased mail finishing speed. Automatically weigh, measure, rate, seal, meter and stack large stacks of mail in minutes. Whether you’re sending trays of envelopes, postcards, large envelopes, or mixed weight mail, you can depend upon these systems to help you get it done quickly and efficiently.

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The IS-5000 sets the standard for mailing system productivity, operability, and efficiency. Designed with the operator in mind, this mailing system delivers simple ergonomic operations, investment protection, cost savings, reliable production and maximum uptime. Ideal for high mail volume, the IS-5000 can automatically seal, weigh, measure, meter and stack large mail runs in minutes. With batch processing speeds of up to 300 letters per minute, the IS-5000 is the workhorse of mailing systems.

Ease of use is provided through a compact color touch screen with descriptive prompts and buttons making navigation simple. The added comfort of a full, integrated keyboard makes setup and mail processing a breeze. The Rate Wizard provides concise step-by-step instructions, which makes postal rate selection easy.

With the IS-5000 you have access to a suite of services to improve postal, parcel and related digital communications. Additionally, the advanced modular design allows you to configure a system where you only purchase the components and options that you need, eliminating overspending.