AIMS - Automated Insertion Management System

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AIMS - Automated Insertion Management System

Working with your Quadient folder inserter, AIMS by Quadient provides real-time information to manage your mail center and every mail piece with absolute accuracy, and efficiency.

Combining Quadient's proprietary IMOS and AIMS gives you the power to manage the status of each mail piece precisely while the system monitors and manages all your mail center activities in real-time. You can also respond instantly to customer inquiries because piece-level data can also be shared through integrated customer-facing systems or service systems.


IMOS records the progress of each mail piece as it is processed; creating statistical data on every job, then transfers this data to AIMS.

AIMS real-time access to operational data gives you new visibility into each job, each operator and each inserter, essential information to help run your mail center efficiently and confidently. The system can be set to alert you to any significant event via the Internet. The alert can be sent to a smart phone, tablet or any other communications device of your choice.