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Document Delivery Portal

Document Delivery Portal

DDP is a turnkey, customer-facing portal seamlessly integrated with OMS-500 that stores and electronically delivers all your important customer communications while allowing your customers to access their documents in their own dedicated, secure location.

Digitize your document delivery process

Launch paperless document delivery in just a few clicks, start saving money on print, reduce your carbon footprint and give customers more flexibility in how they transact with you. Document Delivery Portal (DDP) delivers your customer documents through a secure, branded web portal.

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Experience the benefits that the Document Delivery Portal offers

  • Customize communications to match your company’s brand guidelines
  • Personalize relationships with your customers through targeted communications
  • Shift to electronic delivery of customer communications
  • Track document deliverability to ensure it has reached the intended recipient and receive a notification when the recipient has viewed it
  • Search functionality allows your customers to easily find specific documents they have received thereby reducing customer service activities