What is a POC lock out? How do I clear a POC Lock Out?

  • This message displays when postage has not been downloaded postage to your meter in over 90 days.
  • Simply go through the steps of downloading postage to your meter. This will clear the message and your equipment will operate normally.

How do I add postage to my Postage-On-Call (POC) account?

  • Connect your meter to an ANALOG phone line or LAN (more secure and faster connection). Press the refill button.
  • The unit will automatically dial POC.
  • Once connected you will be prompted for the amount you desire to download. Proceed as prompted.

Types of Payment Methods:

  • Quadient Postage Funding Service (formerly neoFunds™) – This is basically a line of credit for your postage machine. You download as much postage as you need and then you will be billed at the end of the month from Quadient.
  • ACH Debit – Funds automatically withdrawn from bank account. Voided check supplied with order.
  • Checks Mailed to USPS:
    • Your POC Account # MUST BE Written On Your Check. This will avoid delays and ensure your funds are posted to the correct account.
    • Regular Mail (Posted in 7-10 Business Days)

      PO Box 0575<
      Carol Stream, IL 60132

    • Express Mail (Posted in 2-3 Business Days)

      Postmaster Relationship/Lockbox Processing
      Attn: Quadient Lockbox 4715
      5860 Uplander Way
      Culver City, CA 90230-6608

What type of phone line do I need to add postage to my meter? Does this need to be a dedicated line?

  • ANALOG - Digital will not work unless through a LAN. Your postage meter has a built-in modem to dial POC to add postage to your meter.
  • A Dedicated Line is not necessary. It only takes approximately 2 minutes to download postage onto your meter.