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NeoShip Advanced Online Shipping Solution

NeoShip Online Shipping Solution

Best-in-class shipping for small and mid-sized businesses

Shipping directly from your desktop has never been easier. Simply access Neoship through your Myquadient account, follow the illustrated prompts and create a shipping label.

The Simple Choice for Online Shipping

Quadient’s powerful online shipping solution ensures full IM®pb compliance from the USPS® for all your package shipping requirements. Simply access NeoShip through your MyNeopost online account, follow the illustrated prompts and create your shipping label.

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Guaranteed savings 
Get discounts on Priority Mail® and Priority Mail Express™ by having access to Commercial Base Pricing. 
Ship with multiple carriers 
For all your parcel shipping, select your preferred carrier: USPS®, FedEx® and UPS®. 
Rate shopping 
Automatically compare rates. Neoship identifies the lowest price or the fastest delivery method.* 
Single screen shipping 
Say goodbye to complicated steps just to ship a package, Neoship has all shipping options on one screen. 
Batch shipments 
Create up to 100 identical shipments being sent to different recipients and addresses at one time.