The Right Solution for Your Needs

Shredders offer an invaluable way to assure that the level of confidentiality your business or organization needs is achieved. Advanced Business Solutions can help you understand the types of security levels which exist, and choose devices which meet your needs.

Whether it's simply to maintain a certain level of confidentiality, or perhaps to meet a regulatory rule, you will know that your quality shredder was designed to perform dutifully in all types of business and organizational environments. Further, we have models to handle the most demanding destruction goals, from high-volume documents to disks and other media. Read more below for interesting detail on security levels.

Shredded paper with the word Privacy readable on one strip.



A Brief Overview of Shredder Security Levels



The basic level is simply shredding the paper into long strips. The overall security, while certainly better than an unshredded document, is very low.


This is a slightly enhanced basic level - the paper is again is shredded into long strips, with the exception that the individual strips are thinner. While overall security is better than P-1, it is still considered low.


At this level, security improves significantly with the "cross-cut" treatment - the paper is simultaneously clipped into small segments as it is shredded into strips. The overall security is medium, and often suitable for a range of applications.


Like P-3 above it, the P-4 level uses the same basic "cross-cut" strategy, but the resulting individual fragments are smaller, increasing security much further.


Here, high security becomes evident with the "micro-cut" treatment - the paper is rendered into very small bits, somewhat like small confetti. This creates obviously strong security, suitable for a range of regulatory, medical, research or similar applications.


Technically, this is the highest level and utilizes the "micro-cut" treatment described above, except the fragments are even smaller.


Photos above are for general illustration purposes only, and are not to any particular scale.