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Packcity Parcel Locker Solutions

Take customer experience to the next level with an automated parcel locker system

For businesses and people who need to manage a growing volume of deliveries, we provide and operate smart and secure pick-up and drop-off solutions that offer convenience and peace of mind.

How does it work?

  • A delivery notification is sent via text or email when the parcel arrives.
  • The recipient enters their one-time PIN code.
  • The door opens for the recipient to grab their parcel and go.

Automated parcel process

The Quadient Standard Parcel Locker provides an automated workflow to facilitate the package delivery and return process - from home delivery and C&C for retailers, to pick-up and drop-off (PUDO) automation for carriers. If you experience a high to mid-level volume of parcel deliveries and returns, incorporating an electronic parcel locker system into your workflow will remove constraints, freeing up time and space for a more organized package process. As shipping volumes grow, our parcel locker can evolve with your needs, thanks to its scalable column design.

Intuitive touchscreen interface

The Quadient Standard Parcel Locker includes an integrated, easy-to-use touchscreen interface. Via the touchscreen, users are met with intuitive package delivery, retrieval, and return process. All parcels are securely stored within the lockers and require a custom pin entry code to open. You can also scan the barcode provided in the parcel pick-up notification. For any returns made via a Standard Locker, the process is just as simple -creating a convenient, user-friendly process.


Quadient's Packcity Parcel Locker Solutions are typically installed in a central location, allowing for easy parcel pick-up at the convenience of the user.


All parcels stored in Packcity are secure - thanks to the locker's steel-construction. In addition, a log is kept for every pick-up and drop-off made to the machine for a transparent and error proof parcel process. When parcels are available for pick-up, a unique pin code is sent to the recipient via a customizable e-mail or SMS.


With complete visibility of the parcel tracking workflow, Packcity will deliver savings in both time and resources by streamlining your parcel management process.


Personalize your Lockers in both their size and design. Each Parcel Locker is designed to meet your specific business needs.